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PHWORRRR.... check out THIS LOT OF BEAUTIES!!!! Aka the cast of @jamielloydco THE SEAGULL! 🕊🐣 Beyond proud and humbled to be standing amongst these majestic creatures. SPOILER ALERT. It’s gonna be EPIC. Get your tickets now! As in...right now. #😎 #😍 #seagullwestend #sqwarkifyouwannagofaster #wedolookprettyhappytobetogethereh?
If you thought this stare I’m giving you was intense..... then you should take a whiff of the perfume itself. WOAH. That’s a smell that’ll make your knees weak and your date night sorted. Neroli? Check. Orange blossom? Check Vanilla? Check That was a great dinner now we’d like the........ check. 😉😎 #DGtheonlyone #DGBeauty @dolcegabbana #treatyourselftoalittleintensity #theonlyonetocrackapunwhenendoraingperfume? #whynotforthisbeautyitsworthit #didsomeonesayvalentinesday #❤️
And... Here’s a little sneak preview of my @voguemagazine video we shot to show you all how we do it right for BAFTA’s... head over to vogue to watch the full thing! We talk Teddy, what it takes to get me out the door and onto the carpet and how @clinique is exactly what the skin doctor ordered, especially 2 nights on the trot. Its a HOOT. (Ive been assured....I’ll leave you to be the deciding vote..) @voguemagazine - YES IM IN VOGUE!!! Waaahhahah!!!! #bafta2020 @lynseyalexander @sammcknight1 @rebeccajadewilson_nails @petraflannery Aka my ❤️💃❤️ #reddancingladylove #❤️
.......Better late than never?! 😎 (I realise in social media terms this happened 4 century’s ago but.....) #bafta2020 what a dreamy night of glitz and glammer, sky high heels and DREAM TEAMS! 💃🙌 We braved the cold and we donned our best, @schiaparelli did me a frock of pure magic, @lynseyalexander @sammcknight1 @petraflannery @chloebeeneystyling @rebeccajadewilson_nails bringing the heat and the 90’s vibes... what more could a gal ask for eh?! Yes, the answer is Lord Teddington The Third. Safe to say he celebrated by immediately pooing upon my arrival home. #whosaidwedonthaveglamouroffthecarpet?! #offigotoworkonmyChekhov #🤘 #❤️ #💃
My puppy fits INTO A HAT. Job done. He didn’t accompany me to the @chanelofficial Charles Finch dinner but....he would’ve fit right in. To my hat. (And my champagne glass) #❤️ #👏 #tedtakesonthetown @kateleemakeup @earlsimms2 @chloebeeneystyling @petraflannery thank you for coming round to watch Ted eat all your equipment and, as a side note, painting me a dream @chanelofficial picture... ❤️
🙌 Mid chat on Friday at the incredibly epic London launch of our new collaboration with YOURS TRULY for @clinique #iDYourself with the ever glowing Jane Lauder our fearless leader and Global Brand President about the wonder that is @clinique - (secretly we spent most our time talking about.... PUPPIES... obviously...💃) I’m gonna keep saying it but it is the gift that keeps on giving, the entire @clinique team are the most badass babes I’ve ever encountered, and guess what... IT ACTUALLY WORKS! My skin is LOVING the attention, and my Puppy is LOVING licking it right off again 🤓😇 Why don’t you have a gander of what #iDYourself is and leave us a video! #cliniqueid #london #hometimerepping #❤️ #💃 #girlbosstime
He just can’t stop. He physically.cannot.stop being the MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. 😎 Erryone meet Ted. Super Ted. My new main squeeze. Light of my goddamn life. Ready to fill this instagram feed to bursting whilst still being able to leave room in a teacup. #goodbyesleepgoodbyecarpetsgoodbyeslippershellopoop #coshesworthit #🥰 #❤️ #🕺 #🐶
🥳🤩🙌I AM SO OVER THE RUDDY MOON TO ANNOUNCE THAT I AM THE GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR @clinique ! 💃🔥🥳🤩😍 hello 2020 you magical beauty you..... Here’s a little insight into how my skin is feeling today and how I give it some love in the post-Christmas January blues.... But what about you insta world!? What makes you, YOU? How’s your skin feeling today? Needing some love? Let us know @clinique ! #iDyourself and you might just find a bottle of ready made remedy that’s just the ticket for only you...🤹🙏🏻 #cliniqueyouheros #alltheloveforallthejanuarytiredskinoutthere #evenmoreforthetiredsoulstoo #😘 #❤️
Yahoo! She’s gonna be treading them boards at the Playhouse Theatre in London 11th March- 30th May 2020!! The one the only the brilliant @jamielloydco will be directing this beauty of a play, and I actually CANNOT.WAIT. If you like the sound of this then lucky for you tickets are on sale now....;) @jamielloydco @jamielloyd @anya_reiss @playhousetheatrelondon #2020youlookinggoodalready #atlastshegetstoplay #❤️ #🏆 #🍾 http://thejamielloydcompany.com
Well, what a day to wake up with nothing and still feel love... These magnificent SUSTAINABLY MADE, baby soft, very flattering, good for cuddling, masterfully crafted hoodies, jumpers and t-shirts are on sale for my beloved charity @sameyouorg designed by the one the only @gommie_poem my life long homie, along with the equally brilliant and supremely talented @benchallen. My hero’s. I am so proud of what we are making, I am so proud of who we will help, and I am hell bent on making that happen, here’s to us all feeling better. I am also beginning today with an idea that these little babies will make for BANGING christmas gifts! Full to the brim of love. #thisiswhatbraininjurylookslike @sameyouorg @gommie_poem @benchallen #hope #🙏🏻 #❤️ Link in bio to buy one of these beauties ☃️❤️
@forsamafilm This film is about life, death, and the fragile space between where humanity lives, breathes and survives. These two are real life miracles. Please watch and support this breathtaking work. #forsama #forsurvival #formiracleseverywhere @waadalkateab @hamzaalkateab @edwardwatts #🙏🏻
BRITISH FASHION AWARDS BABBAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I had the supreme honour in giving the greatest living hairstylist @sammcknight1 the Isabella Blow award for being....well...a living LEGEND. And a bloody delightful human bean to boot. So huzzah. We also got to enjoy @littlesimz KILLING it on stage.. 😎😍 A mahussive thank you to the most perfect glam squad a gal could dream up... @earlsimms2 @lynseyalexander @petraflannery @chloebeeneystyling @schiaparelli @rebeccajadewilson_nails YASAAS!!! #britishfashionawards2019 #allthatwasmissingwas19layersofthermals #youcancallmebigbird #irealisetheironyhere #🐥 #🍾 #❤️
Oh what an evening! (Oh what a gullet..........again.) Had a blissful time being on stage at @barbicancentre talking all things @lastchristmasthemovie and the sensational book what Dame Emma T and her hubby Greg Wise wrote. There might be a christmas nugget from yours truly in it too...;) Proceeds from the book go to two deeply worthy causes @crisis_uk and the Refugee council 💪🏻 @dfdubz thank you for the sublime questions and unnerving quantity of christmas cheer! ☃️🥳 (Yes @mscaitlinmoran is dressed as a christmas tree-couldn’t love her anymore than I already do!) #deckyourhallsbaby #nowitstimeforcurlingupwithagoodbookandagoodcause #😍
DROP. THE. GODDAMN. MIC. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 I met my hero. And yes, tears were present. (As were my terrible terrible jokes) @barackobama thank you for being alive. @dreamforce #myhero #Michelle...so....wannahang? #❤️ #🔥
‘Nuff said. #registertovote #doit #yourvoicematters gov.uk/register-to-vote #💪🏻
And then she spoke. I had the great privilege and honour of being a key note speaker at @dreamforce being interviewed by the wonderful, kind, thoughtful, impressive man that is Bennet Omalu. We get into brain injury recovery, @sameyouorg, life the universe and how to be pathologically hopeful. It’s quite the journey. Link in my bio to watch!! #thisiswhatbraininjurylookslike #proudaspunch #dreamforce2019 #loveyourbrain #gettingridofstigmaandsilence #❤️ #🙏🏻
NO BIG DEAL.... Stevie just wanted to say hi... ON STAGE. 🤯🤩 @stevienicks I LOVE YOU Thank you @davidbeckham for capturing the greatest moment of my life thus far... 🙌🙏🏻 @dreamforce you have spoiled me with your generosity of inspirational speakers! #siliconvalleyin48hours #mindblowninggoodtimes @sameyouorg #❤️ #🙏🏻
@wonderland you made me look FAR cooler than I actually am. And for that I am eternally grateful. And the wings. All I need is a fish tank. And Leo. #missionaccomplished @lastchristmasthemovie #myelfcostumegotanupgradeandahalf @earlsimms2 @marygreenwell @ChristianOita @NailsbySG @ToniBlaze @kate___bull 🍾🥳🏆🙏🏻 HEROS!
Just what you always wanted...more photos of my GULLET! (Must learn to stop yelling so loud when being photographed/in public/in life) We only went and turned on the Covent Garden christmas lights! I have never been so ready for Christmas so early in all my life, and I ain’t complaining. (Clearly I’m just YELLING) @lastchristmasthemovie got us all in the festive mood... santa. Over to you. #ifyourehapoyandyouknowitopenyourgob #emmatmyspiritualguide #❤️ #☃️ #🤩 Not forgetting my stella glam team making me look like snoop dog himself... @earlsimms2 @kaymontano @petraflannery @chloebeeneystyling #🏆 #😍
Oh baby we made it goddamn SNOW last night at the festively freezing @lastchristmasthemovie premier! I couldn’t be prouder to hold onto my squad (for warmth as well as for love) as we stormed that blue carpet to the soundtrack of all things christmas.... so insta world I say go and see this movie we made! It will make you take a moment to stop, breathe, look and love. WHO CAN DISLIKE THAT?! 🤩🥳 Major props to my next level team of glam geniuses. From Pjs and a blocked up nose to this little sparkly number in the blink of a smokey eye.... @earlsimms2 @kaymontano @petraflannery @prada YOU LEGENDS BRING THE YUMMY #😋 #☃️ #😎 #🍾 #interviewsgobyfastwhenyoucantfeelyourfeet #thankgodforthewarmthofadame #mustlearnnotogivethepapsphotosofmyoesphagusalltheruddytime #christmas #is #here
BIG NEWS FOR ALL MY DRAGON FEARING WELSH WONDERS!! Today we are launching #SameYouWales !!! 🙏🏻😍🥳 Tune into the @SameYouOrg Instagram livestream from 12.30pm! You’ll see what we’ve been up to and what else we got cooking for my baby @sameyouorg #🥰 #sameyouwales #sameyoucharity #recoveryrevolution #useyourvoice #loveyourbrains #loveyourmums
Well we didn’t have ANY fun, AT ALL, EVER... in the making OR the promoting of this very magical movie of ours @lastchristmasthemovie Lucky lady am I to call these reprobates my colleagues and life long friends... #🥰 #🥳 #🙌 #ididntevenknowmygobwasthisenormous #anythinginmymolers?! #goandseethisgemandtheresmoreofthishappinesstosee #🏆 #❄️ @paulfeig @henrygolding
@jimmyfallon IM COMIN FOR YA! (I’m also stuck in my chair) Tune in tonight to watch me make a total fool of myself on TV!!! #jimmylove @lastchristmasthemovie 🔥
Content is king. And so is christmas. Santa baby I’m ready. @lastchristmasthemovie #❄️ #🍾 #🥳
@lastchristmasthemovie not only did you give me an excuse to dress like a christmas bauble (thank you @maisonvalentino) but you gave me a red carpet cuddle attack with the fiercest most fabulous women in the bizz.. (Dame Emma Thompson aka my spirit mamma and @michelleyeoh_official aka my elf task master in couture) but then you give me a winter wonderland sofa to lounge on like the true diva I am? YAS!!!! Dream tram got me on fleek.... @earlsimms2 @brigittemakeup @petraflannery YOU HAVE MY WHOLE HEART AND FACE AND SPANX #🔥 #🥳 #ohweBROUGHTthefestivespiritbaby #☃️
@camila_cabello oh GURL the feelings mutual... thank you for making me feel like a khalessi all over again @thegrahamnortonshowofficial ta for the intro babs #😉 #ladylovingalldaylong @lastchristmasthemovie press tour ain’t too shabby eh?
And here we have the woman, the legend responsible for my aching feet. @dianechorley you light my goddamn FYRE. YAS KWEEN🔥 #THATwasabloodygoodnight #🙌 #illstopnowipromise @gommie_poem @imogen_f_lloyd
YUP. 33 DAMN you be looking so....worth only getting two hours sleep for. 🥳 #partylikeits1986 #threeg’sandaomegaragemc #backontheroadshegoes @david.mumeni @lolafrears loves of my LYFE.
You’re right. I’m wishing for more pan aux raisins. @lastchristmasthemovie thank you for my Parisian birthday of dreams...London what you sayin? #hotelcostesyoumakesomefancyasscake
Says she loves pain aux raisin once. Not all that bothered. @lastchristmasthemovie press tour hooking me UP! #birthdaylikeaballer #🎂 #yesthereare33
Early birthday surprise cake....As given by the ultimate 2 year old cake lover. Safe to say I am DELIGHTED. WE ALREADY HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON..... #iddoanythingforthisweeboygenius #❤️ #🤩 #💪🏻 #doubledipanyone?
ERRRRYONE. This book is important. Not just because yours truly wrote down some home truths in it, but because in reading everyone else’s stories of overcoming pain I felt a million times better for being human. @scarcurtis (🧚‍♂️💙) is the true genius behind this collection of words from 74 incredible voices such as @lenadunham my spiritual guide Dame Emma Thompson @elizabday @fearnecotton @samsmith and many many more. I promise nothing but good feelings upon reading, and pages and pages of them. Oh and by the way....ITS OK TO FEEL BLUE. 👊🤝🙌 #itsoktofeelblue #💙 #scarlettisthetrueOG #keepfeeling #keepreadingpeople
DAMN did that dance floor take a beating. IN LITERAL STILTS NO LESS. I cannot believe I still have feet. #🔥 #💪🏻 #emmys2019 #mammaofdragonsoverandout #✌️
@emmys2019 WE BE ROLLLLLIN! @jlo just as heads up you have inspired this years lewk. 💁‍♀️ I am one lucky lady to have the best glam squad ever invented... @jennychohair @jilliandempsey @petraflannery @jennahipp YOU HAVE LIT THIS CHICK ON FYRE! 🔥thank you thank you thank you! #motherofdragonstakesafinalgoodbye #mighthaveneededadragontogetmethereontime 🤢 #iplanonseeingtomorrowssunrise #🍾 #✌️ #😂 #❤️
So 8 Seasons of GoT and I’ve realised that maybe to save the planet we just need to hitch a lift on the closest dragon. Thoughts?! On September 26th I’ll be going LIVE and everyone, everywhere can join in! EXCELLENT NEWS. Ready to talk about all thrones related trivia. Top of the list: how long it takes Jon Snow to set his curls. Maybe you’ll even get to call into the livestream and we can while away the hours IRL. 🥳 KAROKE WILL BE HAPPENING. Should I sing (out of tune) Lauryn Hill or some Amy Winehouse? You get to decide all and laugh at my attempts in the process while supporting my BRILLIANT charity SameYou. I’ll be joined by internet star @jacksepticeye (recently learned it’s pronounced septick eye- kids these days 👵) and we have a few surprises for all you donors. Click on the link in my bio or go to my @Tiltify campaign page tiltify.com/@emilia to donate and watch. Keep checking the page up until September 26 for exclusive rewards and voting polls until we go LIVE on September 26th on @youtube and @twitch, when Jack and I will have some laughs while hopefully entertaining you all to help raise money to increase access to neurorehabilitation. #motheroflivestreams #therewillbedragons #butactuallytherewillbe
I’m ignoring the coffee. Forget about the half eaten sandwich. I’m alllll about locking eyes with you and smelling the air, the @dgbeauty #DGTheOnlyOne2 infused air...god DAMN that smells good. I suggest you do the same. But you can finish your lunch first. #DGBeauty #DGTheOnlyOne2 #SheIsTheOnlyOne #🤩
This total legend @david.mumeni and his ENORMOUS HEAD (so big it almost didn’t fit in this photo 😂) has his birthday today and I have decided it should be a national (screw it global) holiday to celebrate his brilliance. Or just eat a lot of cake. Whichever works. (We did both) #birthdayboiii #love #friendsforsolongwemustbeold #❤️
It’s so good you could squeeze it. (More specifically @henrygolding) @lastchristmasthemovie press tour coming to a chimney near you.... hold onto your stockings people. #firstandlasttimeiwillstraddlemyownfaceipromise
NAMASKAR India. 🙏🏻🙌✌️ NAMASKAR #anandaspahimalayas this is NOT an ad, this is just two gals buzzed off our faces on India, peace, being robbed blind by monkeys, (we hardly put up a fight) the best two books I’ve read in years ( #theoverstory should be mandatory reading the world over), yoga, spice, mamma earth and figuring out that all you’re ever looking for can be found within. Corny as hell but my god is it true. #breathebabyandletthemadnessmeltaway #brainalteringjoy #roselesliehasmyheartandsoulwrappedupinhers #DONTFORGETTHELOVEPEOPLE! #bollocksdoesthatmeanitstimetoworknow? #🙌 #✌️ #🐒 #saltwaterbook #AMUSTREAD! @itbeginswiththebody
My umbrella hasn’t left my side all day which means that summer is officially over right?! So CHRISTMAS IS ROUND THE GODDAMN CORNER BABY.... ☃️ to celebrate this here is a movie what I made @lastchristmasthemovie with my soul mates, her majesty Dame Emma Thompson (aka half of my beating heart) and his Highness @paulfeig the king of all things funny not forgetting the dream boat of all @henrygolding Ignore the beach sunsets and get that stocking ready kids... ❤️🙏🏻 #lastchristmasmovie #hohowhosgonnagetthegeorgemichaelkareokeout? #☃️
@edfringe OH MY GAAAAAAD! Ok- I might’ve got stuck in a thunderstorm or two, I might’ve slept less than I have done at any point in my life I might’ve laughed and cried and all that’s in between at the talent I was witness too and so...get on a train and get to the festival! 🚨🚨🚨And here’s a list of the people you MUST go and see! 🖐Unknown @_rise_strong_ (❤️POWERFUL SURVIVOR QUEEN YOU HAVE MY WHOLE HEART❤️) (greenside at infirmary street) 🖐Square go @danportman (talent on legs as if we didn’t already know 🥰🥰🥰🥰) (Roundabout at summer hall) 🖐Diane Chorley @dianechorley (Will you adopt me?! Please? Profound love in abundance- YAS KWEEEN 💃) (assembly george studios) 🖐Who cares @lungtheatre (We must shine a light on those who’ve been in the dark for so long 💔🏆🙌👌🔥) 🖐 Cat Cohen @catccohen (JADORE you beautiful chic kitten❤️❤️❤️) pleasance courtyard 🖐 the canary and the crow @middlechildhull (🤩mind blowing and toe tapping BRILLIANCE) summer hall 🖐 john kearns (😂HYSTERICAL happy making heaven) monkey barrel 🖐 Roisin and Chiara @roisinandchiara (LADIES I SALUTE YOU AND THEM FUNNY FUNNY BONES!👑) the hive #❤️ #🙏🏻 #peaceout #offtosleepcrazyfringedreams
Yup. I made pasta. No machines, no masterchef, no rolling pin...And people here’s where I debunk the myth, you don’t need a “rolling pin”. 🤯 PAH! Only a willing bottle of vino. And 4 spare hours. Highly advised to consume on completion. #whymakepastainitaly? #bloodygoodquestionididntstoptoconsidertillmyarmsfelloffandidranktherollingpin #ciaobaby #nowigetthiswholeholidaything #🍝
💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 It’s uncanny. Holidays sponsored by #🔥 #hopskippingmywaytothegoodtimes
With you I feel 2 feet small. X 2 @prideofgypsies HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY BABY! An oversized bath tub of happiness for another year of you. #moonofmylifemysunandstars #finallyabathbigenoughtobathadragonin #thenbrokecosispentallmymoneyonbubblebath #❤️ #🐲 #😂
The long and winding road to kicking off khaleesi’s boots and trudging home in my own shoes once again. @imogen_f_lloyd you and these staggering mountains got my head to chill and my ass to light it’s own goddamn fire. Insta world it’s been a journey to get here but hell im happy to stop and admire that view... #sweatingmywaythroughthecobwebs #goodbyemylover #whenchangeisacomingdontgorunning #stopandsmellthe5dayhikedbootsnotroses #dolomitesyouhavemyheartsoulandsweat
From full focus to a blur still the best weekend of my entire life. #glastonbury2019 you bring me up to my happiest self. For anyone finding today hard, get that music in your earphones blaring and dance like no ones watching... @littlesimz @lizzobeeating @stormzy @mikeskinnerltd to suggest a few options.. #🤘 #🙌 #❤️ #aweekendoffriendshipfixeseverydamnthing
Ok so ‘speechless’ is a very fluid term.... that I’ve ignored in this rambling video BUT how could I be when there are so many thank you’s to give to YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEANS!!!!! Bloody hell, I am one very lucky lady to have such kind, generous, shining spirited fans who are raising money for my chairty @sameyouorg Elle Elaria and your reddit page where you have raised almost £38,000 has made my day, week, month, year, decade, and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to wave goodbye to the mother of dragons than with this step towards making brain injury sufferers feel less alone. YOU ARE MY HEROS. I am the one who should be bending the knee to you. #loveinabundance #sameyoucharity #humanitywins #thisiswhatbraininjurylookslike #❤️
So my dear kind peeps at @newyorkermag asked me a few questions about my MOD experience and I answered as best I could.... link in bio for a few snippets on how it felt to wave goodbye to my extra limb. #modforlyfe @gameofthrones #endofanera #goodbyemylover

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